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Oct 22, 2003

My dad is in the hospital. I dont kno wuts wrong with him and it seems that nobody does yet. i had to leave school early to cover for my mom at work then i had to leave work early to pick up my brother cuz he missed the bus. and in a little bit i have to go pick up my other little brother from the fucking bowling alley during rush hour traffic. this day sux ass. and janice is getting put on probation and she has to pay her whole fine off at once and she's broke so she got in a fight with her mom and said a bunch of shit and so that situation is sucky too. i talked to jim tho so that was nice....i kinda like him, and i think he likes me too. he's having a get together thing on sat. nite that im going to but hopefully we'll chill before then. i gotta go....

Posted at 04:40 pm by jaxbaby0203
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Oct 20, 2003
The intro

so this is my first entry and i suppose i should give sum background info bout myself. my name is jacki and im 17. i live sort of near philly with both my parents and my two little brothers--tommy(11) and ricky(8). i have a brother named jeff(22) but he doesn't live with us. im a senior in hs (hell yea class of 2004!) and i play soccer for school, but our season just ended. i also played lacrosse but i dun think i will this year. when i go 2 college i want 2 major in psychology. i haven't applied to anywhere yet but i kno where i will be. i drive an old automatic buick riviera that's irritating cuz its all messed up and it's my third car in less than a year. my first car got ran over by a pickup and the oil pump in the engine that was put in2 the second car from my first stopped working 2 days after i got the car which fucked the engine up. Both of those were camaros. I miss driving stick. my best friends are janice and stef, they're both 15. i'll talk about them A LOT. whenever i go out it's almost always with them. when i turn 18 (in 3 and a 1/2 months!) i'm moving 2 janice's. i used 2 be best friends with her older sister shana till she started doing shit that pissed me off all the time, and her mom is my second mom so i'm really close with their family. We don't have boyfriends, which sucks a lot mostly cuz it's hard 2 find decent non-asshole guys to have sex with if u dun have a boyfriend. I dun understand why we can't find boyfriends. none of us are ugly (stef's the prettiest, then janice, then me) and we're not boring or retarded so i wish sum1 would explain it 2 me. i gg, period's over.

Posted at 01:35 pm by jaxbaby0203
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